Using Parallel Extensions in LINQ

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 25 2010 1 Comment

Once again, there was a little mistake in the last post I posted here which clearly didn’t effect the result that much. But it is still worth mentioning again. The ^ was not meant to be XOR, I was clearly thinking of Math.Pow. In the last post I didn’t spend to much time talking about […]

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Using the Parallel Extensions in .NET 4.0 with C#

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 24 2010 Leave a Comment

As .NET 4.0 will be released in a couple of weeks and the RC has been out for a while. It’s about time that I write something about the new helpful features of .NET 4.0. One of these helpful things are the Parallel Extensions and Parallel helpers that allowes you to do parallel programming. Parallel […]

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