Visual Studio 11 and Visual Studio 2010 Side by Side

Posted by Filip Ekberg on September 19 2011 4 Comments

For those that don’t want to install the Windows 8 Developer Preview on their workstation just to try out and develop applications in Visual Studio 11, I can happily say that Visual Studio 11 runs perfectly fine side by side Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7!

You can download the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview on MSDN by clicking here!

Visual Studio 11 and Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7

Happy coding!

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4 Responses to Visual Studio 11 and Visual Studio 2010 Side by Side

  1. JamesNo Gravatar says:

    Have you tried running test suites in VS 2010 after installing 11? Seems it ay have broken something – just uninstalling 11, hope that will fix it.


  2. Filip EkbergNo Gravatar says:

    Do you mean standard test projects?
    What version of Visual Studio 2010 are you running?

  3. JamesNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Filip,

    Yes. I am running version 10.0.30319.1.

    It was strange: the tests just spun up and did nothing, I couldn’t stop them, only thing I could do was close VS 2010 down.

    The only thing I did notice was that previous versions of SQL server hadn’t started (even after reboot) even though the services were set to automatic – whilst Denali CTP3 was installed. Not sure, but this may have been why the tests weren’t running.

    I have uninstalled 11 and all looks to be okay – one minor moan – why can’t the uninstall process unistall everything that was installed? :grin:


  4. Filip EkbergNo Gravatar says:

    Hi James,

    It seems I have a newer version, do you have SP1 installed? Also, the .NET framework identified in the “About”-window is .NET 4.5.

    Anyways, I can run the tests, I tried creating a small class like this:

    public class Person
        public int Test()
            return 1;

    Then I have this test-method:

    public void Person_Test_ExpectedStaticValue_1()
        var person = new Person();
        var actual = person.Test();

        const int expected = 1;

        Assert.AreEqual(expected, actual);

    This test-method ran without any problems!

    It’s good to hear that it worked out for you when you uninstalled, but it would be nice to understand why it didn’t work after installing VS11, might it be that you don’t have SP1 for VS2010? Heh, I know the feeling, unfortunately when unstalling some things, some other things are replaced and therefore there will be a dependency. Might not be true for all cases though.

    Did you communicate with your database in your tests? If so, you might want to consider mock the data-transactions instead so that you don’t have to rely on a data-connection.

    Good luck and hope this helped!

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