Adapting to Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 20 2011 11 Comments

You might have come across the phrases IoC, Dependency Injection, Mocking among others, these are commonly used when talking about “Inversion Of Control” which is the full meaning of the abbreviation IoC. So what is this “IoC” that everyone is talking about? Inversion of control is a principle in Software Engineering, let’s just take a […]

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Hosted Execution of smaller code snippets with Roslyn

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 8 2011 9 Comments

Lately a lot of my time has been spent on playing around with Roslyn, if you have no idea what Roslyn is I suggest that you go and read my previous posts on it. One of the things that I challenged myself into doing was creating some soft of service that could execute a code […]

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