C# Smorgasbord ebook limited-time offer now only €4.99!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 26 2013 11 Comments

About 7 months ago I self-published C# Smorgasbord which is a C# Programming book focusing on a lot of different and interesting things. I’ve had a couple of giveaways and a couple of sales so far to spread the word even more.It’s now time for an ebook limited-time offer, when the offer ends is not […]

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Optimize your delegate usage

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 15 2013 19 Comments

Kudos to David Fowler for spotting this! We had a chat on JabbR and David pointed out something quite odd about delegates which he had discovered while optimizing some code. Let’s assume that we have the following code that declares a delegate and a method that uses it: public delegate void TestDelegate(); public void Bar(TestDelegate […]

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Decompiling .NET Applications

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 14 2013 15 Comments

There are many reasons to why you might want to decompile an application after it’s been compiled. Compiling C# code “just” translates it into MS IL. The compiler of course does some magic and tweaks the code as much as possible. There’s no metadata stored after compilation which means that comments and such will not […]

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Compilation as a Service and the next generation plugins

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 7 2013 3 Comments

I’ve written a lot about Compilation as a Service with Roslyn before on this blog and I just had a presentation about it, again. This time I talked about how to use Roslyn in order to create plugins. Actually how to create two different types of plugins; plugins using Roslyn to analyze code and plugins […]

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Congratulations to the winners of a free C# Smorgasbord copy!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 4 2013 2 Comments

Before I announce the winners, yes it’s plural because it was way too hard to decide one winner, I want to share some great news with all of you. Yesterday I summarized the amount of people that have my book based on the copies that I’ve sold/given away and this number is now above 500 […]

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