Win a Pluralsight One Year Subscription and C# Smorgasbord

Posted by Filip Ekberg on June 17 2013 42 Comments

It’s truly a pleasure to announce that as of Friday last week I am a published Pluralsight Author! The course that I published is called MSIL for the C# Developer, read more about it at the end of this post. There’s been some radio silence on the blog lately, it’s mostly due to a lot of effort that has gone into the production of the newly released course and also our move to Australia.

Win a Pluralsight Annual Plus Subscription

To celebrate that I just published my course I’m raffling away the following:

  • Pluralsight One Year Annual Plus Subscription + Signed copy of C# Smorgasbord + C# Smorgasbord Shirt
  • 2 Signed copies of C# Smorgasbord
  • 3 digital copies of C# Smorgasbord

How do I win?

It’s Simple!

Leave a comment on the blog telling me Why you should win a one year subscription for Pluralsight and why you’d like to see my course. A bonus is if you tell me why you also want to read my book!

Last but not least, share this post in your social medias!

Raffle ends on Wednesday June 26th 18.00 CEST

What’s the course about?

In this course we look at MSIL; the code that is generated when you compile C#. We explore MSIL so that you get a better understanding of how C# works and how it is compiled. Ultimately after completing the course you will feel like a better C# developer as you will know much more about what happens behind the scenes when we compile our C# applications.

View my course here and please rate it when you’re done!

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42 Responses to Win a Pluralsight One Year Subscription and C# Smorgasbord

  1. BenNo Gravatar says:

    I should win because I posted first…

  2. Mohamed MeligyNo Gravatar says:

    I’d win a PluralSight subscription because I’m a loud mouth on Twitter and I’d really like to tell people about great content there created by several people many of which I happen to know and to know they are great. Also, to feel within the same room when so many people I know talk about some awesome production in there and I haven’t watched it.

    I’d also like to watch your course so that I have better quality conversations with my colleague Philip Laureano (creator of LinFu and regular NDC speaker) and can get more understanding when he talks about his new Tao project around rewriting MSIL, also to look smart when checking those ILDASM things that are in fact useful :), like some people like Jon Skeet do you know ;-)

    I’d also really love to read your book so that I know what I don’t know! So, if I think I’ve got all the tricks, and I know I’m wrong, will be nice to see what I’m missing!

  3. SörenNo Gravatar says:


    Since I already read your book, it is given that I should get the subscription. ;-) No, seriously, Pluralsight seems to be a great resource, and I really enjoy deepening my knowledge as well as broadening my horizons. Your course seems to be especially interesting.

  4. AdamNo Gravatar says:

    HI Filip, I’ve already have a copy of your book, which i must say was a fantastic read.

    The reason i would like to win a years subscription is because In the past I’ve had the ability to access several monthly free trails of PluralSight via going to usergroups and each time i get to use these trials i learn so much.

    It was thanks to these trials and your book that i was able to get a thorough understanding of the TPL and the new Async features of C# which has lead to me passing the 70-483 Programming in C#.
    So a subscription for the year will allow me to ascend to new heights as a programmer and i cannot wait to see your course, understanding whats going on behind the scenes can only improve my ability as a developer.

    If i don’t win i would still like to get a hold of a C# Smorgasbord Shirt! So if you have them for sale somewhere let me know!

  5. Liaan BooysenNo Gravatar says:

    Because I want to become a bad-ass developer.

  6. Ryan RansfordNo Gravatar says:

    Winning a year’s subscription to Pluralsight would be a great help to me as my company has just made announced a switch from java to .NET and I would like to be on the leading edge of that change. I’ve seen the quality of the videos posted there in the past and would definitely like to continue learning from you and the other authors/instructors.

  7. Andreas FrömerNo Gravatar says:

    Better understanding for MSIL would be awesome.
    Knowing stuff behind the scene is always a good one!

  8. LewisNo Gravatar says:

    As a poor student who’s programming in .NET, I can’t afford a plural-sight membership and this would help me learn some topics that I have yet to cover, by professionals.

    I would love to win your book, because the more I learn about programming, the easier it starts to become, and your book goes into detail about how to create a challenge out of the trivial tasks. Unit tests and Mocking has always been a weak spot for me and I’d like to use them more when I’m creating my applications.

  9. Carlo Emilio SalaroglioNo Gravatar says:

    I’m italian free lance and i need to improve every day my the knoledge about
    - Sharepoint 2007/10/13
    - javascript Frameworks
    - MVC in C#
    - Mobile application in Windows Phone 8.

    This is why i hope to do so, using PluralSight

    I’m a C# developer and i need motivate customers to chose me against other professionals competitors.
    The Knoledge is the only thing i know to be effective.

    It seems to me you can do more knowing MSIL like the famous Tail Recursion Optimisation supported in MSIL but not using C# or VB compilers.
    I’m not familiar with MSIL but i’m expecting a return spending my time in this course.

  10. Jon HawkinsNo Gravatar says:

    I would like to win as I always like to know how things work. Having a greater understanding of how the code is compiled into MSIL would give a better understanding and hopefully lead to be a better developer.

  11. davepermenNo Gravatar says:

    I should win to watch your video. Then I might explore all the rest they have. But mostly, your video.

  12. Alex ValetskyNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve watched your session @ dotnetconf about Compiliation as Service and liked it a lot, so I’m sure the same will happen with brand new MSIL course. Book also will come in handy because I’ve always liked to learn and try to adopt best software development practices.

  13. Osama Al ShammariNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you for kind offer, it’s very appreciated…
    I’m studying for bachelor of science of civil engineering, I’m very interested in programming, specially .net framework, as much as I dream programming :-)…
    My graduation project is a program for automating the analysis and design of reinforced concrete beams. I programmed it in, and I’m willing rewrite it in C# in a much better way, that to make it more efficient, less resources-demanding and easier to improve, in addition to expanding its scope.
    Also, I have another project of implementing the .
    Both of these projects are heavily resources-demanding, specially stiffness method for complicated cases. So, without the in-depth knowledge, which I’m expecting to earn from your book and Pluralsight media, I think my mission would be much harder, specially when there is no institute offers this knowledge in my country, Iraq.

  14. Osama Al ShammariNo Gravatar says:

    A mistake happened in the previous comment. I wanted to say “Also, I have another project of implementing the stiffness method”

  15. TimothyPNo Gravatar says:

    I’d say the subscription to a student (not a student myself) as they are the ones that need it most. I remember back when I was a student how difficult it was to get books etc… (and how we tend to forget that once we start earning real money. Employees should tell their employer the subscription is a must and let the company handle it.

  16. DanNo Gravatar says:

    I did recently finish my studies and am working at a smaller company where ALL programmers don’t seem to care about evolving with the language (C#, ASP.NET). They are all stuck in the early 2000 and as a junior programmer I’m forced to work with this and never get to try something new.

    That’s why I would have great use of the subscription since pluralsight not only would teach me more about things like EF, MVC they would also help me FIND things that I might never even get to hear about if I don’t stumble up on it somewhere on the net.

    tldr; Pluralsight would help me finding oout about new features and help me understand them so that I can try to bring a bit of fresh air to my company and help myself becoming a betetr coder.

  17. phillip haydonNo Gravatar says:

    I should win because im awesome! :) haha nice prizes, congrats on publishing your series!

  18. Otsile Earl KoleNo Gravatar says:

    Plurasight is the coolest place where one could learn alot about different technologies on the market. Especially when you need learn C#… I managed to complete my project thanks to Plurasight… My subscription just expired a week ago. It will be great to be winner

    I will enjoy the course because I would have a better understanding what is happening as I compile my C# project.

    Checking the content this book has, it would be a good reference to create great architectures using advanced techniques.

  19. RoyNo Gravatar says:

    As one of the few developers I follow, reading your book would most likely be a delight. There are too few books out there where developers share there experiences and best practices. And with my vacation two weeks away I would enjoy it on the beach.

    A Pluralsight subscription would keep me up half the nights, devouring all the knowledge and taking my skills as a developer to the next level. Oh, those would be some good times…

    Finally a thanks for your great presentation at #devmobile, it would be nice to see you as a speaker again but with your move to Australia that could be hard. Anyhow best of lucks to you and your adventure, from a fellow Swede programmer.

  20. mattNo Gravatar says:

    I just like free stuff:) I’d love a free Pluralsight sub, I used to have one through a previous employer and miss it greatly. Your book looks great also. Being Australian, I can also recommend the best local beer:p

  21. CoriNo Gravatar says:

    I’ve heard WONDERFUL things about your book & can’t wait to read it & watch your Pluralsight course. Congratulations – so happy for you. How exciting!

  22. SteveNo Gravatar says:

    I am a self-taught programmer who has worked in the video game industry for 3 years. Last year I started taking classes formally and expanding my knowledge a bit into web development and other technologies I haven’t yet spent a lot of time investigating. I’m currently applying to grad school for a CompSci degree, and unfortunately just got let go from my job so I’ll have to do my schooling on loans or something. Anyway, a Pluralsight subscription would go a long way toward helping me through my schooling and the side projects I want to pursue toward building a more stable career in the software dev industry. Thanks!

  23. JoshuaNo Gravatar says:

    I’d like to win because I would honestly use the subscription to improve my junior programming skillset by both watching Pluralsight videos and reading your book. Thank you for offering the opportunity and keep up the good work!

  24. CarstenNo Gravatar says:

    I believe it is possible to be an average or even quite excellent .NET software developer without understanding what goes on beneath the surface of the programming language. There is not that many resources on topics like MSIL. Only one books comes to my mind: Inside Microsoft .NET IL Assembler by S Lidin but it was published in 2002 and more update information about MSIL is needed. I hope to be able to learn that from your MSIL course on PluralSight. I want to go to the next level of understanding C#. In addition I would also like to get started with ASP.NET and I see they have lots of courses about that. I already own a copy of you book and the chapter on Roslyn makes the books recommendable since I cannot think of any of books covering that topics. Keep up the great work. Thanks for contributing to the .NET community.

  25. Omkar SinghNo Gravatar says:

    I am waiting for such a resource for learning the MSIL. I found the resource but unable to access it becuase i can’t afford the subscription. I really wanted to watch the tutorial.

  26. ChaitanyaNo Gravatar says:

    I’d like to win Pluralsight subscription because mine expired! And your course to learn the internals, like how stuff works.
    I want to read your book as it covers different variety of aspects from a c-sharper’s point of view ranging from testing to design patterns and best practices.

    Thanks for the raffle. All the best, for your book and future Pluralsight courses.

  27. mauNo Gravatar says:

    i think we all know who deserves this most, i not only love your book and enjoy learning more about MSIL. I also support zlatan and your team when holland is kicked out the ec/wc first. Whenever that will happen :)
    All the best!

  28. Doug RathboneNo Gravatar says:

    Id love to win so I can watch your msil and learn more about “the language behind the language”. Learning other things to keep up the charade of having any intelligence cant hurt either… :)

  29. Nguyen Thanh TungNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Ekberg. I’d win a one year subscription because I’ve an idea to launch a programming training center next time so i think i need to improve myselft and update to new technologies frequently. I see your cource in Twitter and i want to read your book because I want to have deep knowledge about C# for my tutor. Thanks so much.

  30. Franklin LedezmaNo Gravatar says:

    I would like to get this subscription because I want to keep on learning untill I can contribute and help other people in this carrer, this course you have released in pluralsight is one training course difficult to find, and it gives a very solid background about how things work in C#, I also want to read your book since the course looks great I just cant imagine how the book could be.
    Thank for your contributions.

  31. Jonathan HornbergerNo Gravatar says:

    I have a headache and would like to just say that I really really really want both pluralsite and the book.

    I have had a trial of pluralsite in the past and I can’t seem to get my boss to spring for a company membership, but I know the value of continued learning.

  32. paritoshNo Gravatar says:

    “World is a favour bank”. If you allow me to watch the videos and read the book, I will spread the same for you and your site. Learning through sharing is goal of my life. Plus I want to learn internal of .net so rather going 50 blogs learning for the experts will be quite beneficial. Looking forward for it.

  33. Shantanu ChandraNo Gravatar says:

    I am a kinect developer and have seen a lot of kinect courses coming up on PluralSight. Being a student makes me keep looking for the opportunities like these. I develop Kinect Application using C# and your book will surely help me get a better understanding of the codes I write.

  34. Richard reukemaNo Gravatar says:

    I liked to win as I love pluralsight, and the courses allow me to review each technology quickly, but still with some depth.

  35. pankajNo Gravatar says:

    A great opportunity to win the subscriptions of Pluralsight and a signed copy of your Book and also a shirt :). I already have a Pluralsight subscription and I keep renewing it every month. It has vast resources and material from renowned authors. I haven’t read your book yet but would definitely watch your video. I would really love to win this subscription and continue to reap the benefit of Pluralsight contents. To desire to become a Pluralsight subscriber is a step closer to winning. Wishing all the best.

  36. daryl hNo Gravatar says:

    i’d love the chance to learn from the Pluralsight authors and have wanted to read your book for many months now.

  37. PaulNo Gravatar says:

    I don’t know that I deserve to win any more than anyone else – who wouldn’t want a Pluralsight subscription?!?! I am just getting into C# and the more I know about the underlying details, the better equipped I feel to create truly great software. The book would be a great resource as they are typically better for reference than a video.

  38. SebastianNo Gravatar says:

    My wife and I just got our first baby. He is a lovely boy, but he makes it hard to sit down and read about new stuff.
    With the Pluralsight subscription I could watch a video on my phone or tablet while rocking him to sleep !!

  39. Tom DecretonNo Gravatar says:

    I’m a huge fan and have read all your books! So don’t bother with anything not containing a Pluralsight subscription.

    Also, keep up the good work.

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  41. Tumi LeNo Gravatar says:

    Buy an annual subscription on PluralSight is a good investment for my future. BTW, it’s great to receive a great gift from you.

    With the knowlegde that you and other experts give us by your blogs, screencasts, open source, ebooks, I’ve learned and share them all to my local developers. Let said, I have a small .NET Vietnamese group, I share my knowlegde by writting tutorials on so Vietnamese developers can learn programming easier by using their mother language and spend their free time to learn English so they can learn from sites like, PluralSight … as well.

    I love the way PluralSight authors rock the .NET programmer world!

    And thanks to you, Filip Ekberg.

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