MSIL for the C# Developer Preview

Posted by Filip Ekberg on August 7 2013 2 Comments

Almost two months ago I got my first course published on Pluralsight and I’ve received a lot of great feedback since! I’m happy to share a 10 minute preview from the course with you all, enjoy!

Are you one of those developers who really wants to understand what happens behind the scenes? If not, you really should become one! Understanding what happens when you compile your C# applications doesn’t just give you great insight, it also makes you a better developer. In this course excerpt from MSIL For C# Applications, Filip Ekberg demonstrates how you can combine MSIL and C# to take advantage of things that we can explore and create in runtime. In the full course demos several experiments showing what happens we compile our C# applications, so you can get a better understanding of how C# works, and how it’s compiled.

Watch the entire course on Pluralsight.

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2 Responses to MSIL for the C# Developer Preview

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  2. EricNo Gravatar says:

    Filip – I watched your course a few weeks ago and enjoyed it very much. Good work.

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