Understanding Sorting

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 24 2014 5 Comments

This is the third piece in the back to basics series that I’ve been doing and this time we’re looking at one of the most fundamental algorithms out there. Arguably one of the first one you’d learn in school; sorting. There’s a huge variety of sorting algorithms ranging from bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort, […]

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Calculating Document Distance

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 17 2014 1 Comment

Previously we looked at the first part in my Back to Basics series where we understood and implemented Peak-Finding. This time we are going to talk about something slightly different; Calculating Document Distance. I really recommend you to take a look at the MIT course on Introduction to Algorithms, for this post I really recommend […]

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Understanding Peak-Finding

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 10 2014 1 Comment

No matter how far we are in our careers as professional developers, it’s great to freshen up on our fundamentals. Be it the importance of Memory Access Patterns or algorithms in general, it’s really beneficial. I find it quiet interesting that it’s been a pretty long time since I sat in the algorithms and data […]

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Win a copy of C# Smorgasbord!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on August 14 2012 35 Comments

C# Smorgasbord is getting great reviews, specially on Amazon UK and to celebrate this I want to give a away a free copy of C# Smorgasbord! Best of all, it’s the printed copy (which also includes the ebook bundle)! What you need to do to participate: Leave a comment down below with the reason as […]

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C# Smorgasbord

Posted by Filip Ekberg on August 10 2012 1 Comment

As mentioned in my previous post “C# Smorgasbord will soon be available!” I have been working on a C# programming book. I am now happy to announce that this book is published and available on CreateSpace and Amazon.com! Grab a copy and let me know what you think! It is also available on the following […]

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C# Smorgasbord will soon be available!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on July 21 2012 1 Comment

UPDATE: C# Smorgasbord is now available! Since the fall 2011 I have been working on a book called C# Smorgasbord. The book is inspired by all the interesting topics that I’ve touched in this blog. I’m proud to announce that the book will soon be available for purchase on Amazon and CreateSpace! You will also […]

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Big O-notation

Posted by Filip Ekberg on August 18 2008 5 Comments

So starting school in a couple of weeks and being told that you wont get any “allowance” from the state makes you think twice about your current situtation. Not that this has anything ( directly  ) to do with o-notation. However this is how i forced myself into learning it. I have to re-take an […]

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