Creating a Direct2D game for WinRT

Posted by Filip Ekberg on October 1 2012 7 Comments

If you want to write a game for Windows 8 and was thinking of using XNA, think again. When creating games for Windows 8 you’ll have to go back to using DirectX. But don’t worry, with Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8, you’ll get a lot of help doing so. Let’s have a look on […]

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Creating a Windows Metro style application in C++

Posted by Filip Ekberg on May 2 2012 2 Comments

I am going to step out of my comfort zone a bit and write a post that touches the surface of C++ in Windows 8. Let us start off by looking at an image of what the new WinRT(Windows Runtime) look like: As you can see, there are a lot of powerful ways to create […]

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Polymorphism – A Practical Example

Posted by Filip Ekberg on November 13 2008 2 Comments

Classes, inheritance and polymorphism can sometimes be somewhat hard to understand. So a practial example suits many well. Therefore this will be a tutorial where i will touch the areas of classes, pointers, inheritance and polymorphism. So to just clearify some expressions i will add a little dictionary at the top: Class A class can […]

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Pointers & Double Pointers

Posted by Filip Ekberg on November 11 2008 3 Comments

Definitions First off, we need to clearify what a some of the expressions i will use mean. These are the following expressions: Stack Assuming that you know about a computer having RAM ( Random Access Memory ) which allows you to store information and have this accessable faster than you would on a secondary memory […]

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