Xamarin and REST APIs

Posted by Filip Ekberg on April 11 2014 Leave a Comment

I was invited to the Brisbane C# Mobile Developers by Glenn, a tutor I met during my first Xamarin University course. He’s a great tutor and the Xamarin University lectures are of really high quality, if you can I’d really advice you to join the program! In this talk I go into, in short, what […]

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Cross-platform development using C# and Xamarin Studio Australia Tour

Posted by Filip Ekberg on April 4 2014 1 Comment

Are you keen to learn more about Cross-platform development using C# and Xamarin Studio? I have had a lot of interest in my Xamarin Introduction video, which was released in March, and I am very happy to announce that I will be doing a Xamarin tour in Australia! These events are organized and hosted by […]

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Microsoft Open Sources C# Compiler

Posted by Filip Ekberg on April 4 2014 6 Comments

This is truly an extremely exciting time, Microsoft is Open Sourcing the C# Compiler (Roslyn). Even without being open source, the new C# (and VB) compiler have had some proven potential. We have seen some exciting things such as semantic merge and powerful plugins for Visual Studio. Now that the source is out there and […]

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Xamarin Introduction

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 26 2014 3 Comments

Do you struggle with cross-platform development? Should we just use html and JavaScript? Should we write once for every platform? Enough with that. Come along and get an introduction to Xamarin’s unique approach on how to solve the headaches of cross-platform development. This talk was performed at the Sydney Mobile Development Meetup Group. You can […]

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Reliable and fast applications by introducing parallel and async

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 4 2014 1 Comment

In this breakfast event that I spoke at which my employer Readify organizes, I talked about Parallel and Asynchronous applications. The idea here is to talk about what makes an application fast and reliable. Then we talk about different concepts and how to apply these in small isolated code snippets to make use of some […]

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Understanding Sorting

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 24 2014 5 Comments

This is the third piece in the back to basics series that I’ve been doing and this time we’re looking at one of the most fundamental algorithms out there. Arguably one of the first one you’d learn in school; sorting. There’s a huge variety of sorting algorithms ranging from bubble sort, insertion sort, selection sort, […]

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Calculating Document Distance

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 17 2014 1 Comment

Previously we looked at the first part in my Back to Basics series where we understood and implemented Peak-Finding. This time we are going to talk about something slightly different; Calculating Document Distance. I really recommend you to take a look at the MIT course on Introduction to Algorithms, for this post I really recommend […]

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Understanding Peak-Finding

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 10 2014 1 Comment

No matter how far we are in our careers as professional developers, it’s great to freshen up on our fundamentals. Be it the importance of Memory Access Patterns or algorithms in general, it’s really beneficial. I find it quiet interesting that it’s been a pretty long time since I sat in the algorithms and data […]

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Test Automation for Web Applications

Posted by Filip Ekberg on January 30 2014 1 Comment

If you’re a web developer, I am sure you can relate to the feeling where you over and over again start up your web application, navigate to the local instance and try the same feature over and over again where you just thought you had fixed all the bugs. I’m sorry to tell you this, […]

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2013 was an amazing year, here’s a summary!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on January 1 2014 2 Comments

Another year has gone by and it’s the third yearly summary that I’m writing, hopefully not the last one! I began the previous one that I wrote in the end of 2012 by stating that “Saying that a lot happened in 2012 is probably an understatement.”, I’d like to start this summary similarly. However it […]

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Hello Nancy

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 19 2013 7 Comments

Have you had a chance to play with Nancy yet? Nancy is a way for us to experience the web in a lightweight way, without relying on ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC. I’m not saying that Nancy is replacing any of those, but it is here as an alternative. Let’s look at some examples of what […]

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Making sound using C#

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 16 2013 2 Comments

Back in the mid-90s when I first was introduced to the concept of programming the only thing that I could really do that I found funny was to have the computer BEEP at me. At this time of course I didn’t have anything as fancy as Visual Studio or C# to work with, it was […]

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Download C# Smorgasbord Chapter 1 For Free!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 6 2013 1 Comment

I’m happy to announce an early Christmas present for you all; I am giving away a free sample of my book, you can now download Chapter 1 completely free! The chapter is called Introduction to Parallel Extensions and it talks about parallel programming, LINQ/PLINQ and Egg Boiling. I really hope you enjoy this free sample […]

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Debugging Asynchronous Code in Visual Studio 2013

Posted by Filip Ekberg on November 15 2013 1 Comment

With Visual Studio 2013 being publicly released I think it’s time I show off one nice improvements in Visual Studio 2013.tudio 2013. There are in fact a lot of nice improvements in Visual Studio 2013 and one of my favourite ones, actually two of my favourite ones are the debugging improvements of asynchronous code and […]

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Advanced Async talk from ALT.NET

Posted by Filip Ekberg on October 29 2013 1 Comment

As you might know there’s a chapter in my book C# Smorgasbord that introduces you to asynchronous programming in .NET using Async & Await. However in this talk I dig deeper and talk about what happens inside the state machine that is generated by the compiler. Richard, the ALT.NET organizer introduces my talk like this: […]

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MSIL for the C# Developer Preview

Posted by Filip Ekberg on August 7 2013 2 Comments

Almost two months ago I got my first course published on Pluralsight and I’ve received a lot of great feedback since! I’m happy to share a 10 minute preview from the course with you all, enjoy! Are you one of those developers who really wants to understand what happens behind the scenes? If not, you […]

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Are You Serving Files Insecurely in ASP.NET

Posted by Filip Ekberg on July 12 2013 29 Comments

I recently came across something quite interesting when it comes to serving files from your application. In theory what will be discussed here applies to all programming languages that you use for web programming and not only ASP.NET. However the examples used below will be targeted at ASP.NET developers. The scenario Let’s say that you […]

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MSIL for the C# Developer – My First Pluralsight Course Released!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on July 2 2013 3 Comments

I’m very happy to tell you all that my first course on Pluralsight MSIL for the C# Developer has been out for about 2 weeks and is doing great! I’ve received great feedback on the content and I’m really looking forward to start working on my next courses. MSIL for the C# Developer: In this […]

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Memory access pattern matters

Posted by Filip Ekberg on July 1 2013 6 Comments

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Win a Pluralsight One Year Subscription and C# Smorgasbord

Posted by Filip Ekberg on June 17 2013 42 Comments

It’s truly a pleasure to announce that as of Friday last week I am a published Pluralsight Author! The course that I published is called MSIL for the C# Developer, read more about it at the end of this post. There’s been some radio silence on the blog lately, it’s mostly due to a lot […]

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