Are You Serving Files Insecurely in ASP.NET

Posted by Filip Ekberg on July 12 2013 29 Comments

I recently came across something quite interesting when it comes to serving files from your application. In theory what will be discussed here applies to all programming languages that you use for web programming and not only ASP.NET. However the examples used below will be targeted at ASP.NET developers. The scenario Let’s say that you […]

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Creating a Windows 8 Store Game with MonoGame (XAML) and SignalR

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 21 2012 4 Comments

In previous posts we’ve looked at how we could create a cross-platform game that relied on HTML and JavaScript. What we also did was moving the server-side code over to a server that runs on Linux and uses Apache and Mono with SignalR! Now let’s take this a step further and convert this game client […]

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Running SignalR on Mono

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 10 2012 23 Comments

If you are one of those people, just like I am, that still use Linux for hosting despite that you love and only do .NET development; this is something extremely awesome. Ever since I started using SignalR I’ve wanted to host it on my own servers but all of them run on Linux with Mono […]

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ASP.NET MVC, Web API & Web Pages released as open source on CodePlex

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 28 2012 Leave a Comment

Microsoft have just released a lot of code openly on CodePlex. I don’t think I need to stress how amazing this is! The source code just released includes the following: ASP.NET MVC ASP.NET Web API ASP.NET Web Pages(Razor) If you head over to the CodePlex page called ASP.NET Web Stack. You’re going to find a […]

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Introducing the ASP.NET Web API

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 19 2012 8 Comments

In the new version of ASP.NET you can use something called ASP.NET Web API. This allows you to expose your data in many different formats, such as XML or JSON. The idea is to provide a REST API where you use HTTP for real. Meaning that you use GET/POST/PUT/DELETE. These work pretty straight forward: GET […]

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Don’t miss me coding on stage for 2 days at Webbdagarna!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 17 2012 2 Comments

There’s a Swedish event in Stockholm 22-23 March called Webbdagarna (translation: web days). The focus of the event is to talk about e-commerce, social media, mobile development and much more. It’s not so much programming focus, in fact the only coding part of the event is what me and my colleuge will do. The idea […]

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Creating a NuGet Package

Posted by Filip Ekberg on February 26 2012 Leave a Comment

I put together a short video that shows how you can create your own NuGet Package. This requires that you download the NuGet Package Explorer. Be sure to check out the NuGet documentation, it is very good.

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