Hello Nancy

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 19 2013 7 Comments

Have you had a chance to play with Nancy yet? Nancy is a way for us to experience the web in a lightweight way, without relying on ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC. I’m not saying that Nancy is replacing any of those, but it is here as an alternative. Let’s look at some examples of what […]

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Making sound using C#

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 16 2013 2 Comments

Back in the mid-90s when I first was introduced to the concept of programming the only thing that I could really do that I found funny was to have the computer BEEP at me. At this time of course I didn’t have anything as fancy as Visual Studio or C# to work with, it was […]

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Memory access pattern matters

Posted by Filip Ekberg on July 1 2013 6 Comments

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Creating a Direct2D game for WinRT

Posted by Filip Ekberg on October 1 2012 7 Comments

If you want to write a game for Windows 8 and was thinking of using XNA, think again. When creating games for Windows 8 you’ll have to go back to using DirectX. But don’t worry, with Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8, you’ll get a lot of help doing so. Let’s have a look on […]

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Creating a Windows Metro style application in C++

Posted by Filip Ekberg on May 2 2012 2 Comments

I am going to step out of my comfort zone a bit and write a post that touches the surface of C++ in Windows 8. Let us start off by looking at an image of what the new WinRT(Windows Runtime) look like: As you can see, there are a lot of powerful ways to create […]

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Polymorphism – A Practical Example

Posted by Filip Ekberg on November 13 2008 2 Comments

Classes, inheritance and polymorphism can sometimes be somewhat hard to understand. So a practial example suits many well. Therefore this will be a tutorial where i will touch the areas of classes, pointers, inheritance and polymorphism. So to just clearify some expressions i will add a little dictionary at the top: Class A class can […]

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Pointers & Double Pointers

Posted by Filip Ekberg on November 11 2008 3 Comments

Definitions First off, we need to clearify what a some of the expressions i will use mean. These are the following expressions: Stack Assuming that you know about a computer having RAM ( Random Access Memory ) which allows you to store information and have this accessable faster than you would on a secondary memory […]

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