Organize your thoughts

Posted by Filip Ekberg on September 25 2012 5 Comments

Do you get a lot of ideas when you go to bed, that you forget in the morning? I sure do and I know that this is very common. The reason that I’ve got explained to me is that because when we go to bed, we relax our entire body & mind. When doing so […]

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Use LINQPad for more than LINQ

Posted by Filip Ekberg on September 17 2012 5 Comments

I like to spend time on StackOverflow and contribute by answering as many questions as I have time to. Many of the questions consist of code that doesn’t always work as expected. In these times I find that LINQPad is the perfect tool to use when you want to run the sample code or create […]

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Visual Studio 2012 is now released to the public

Posted by Filip Ekberg on September 13 2012 1 Comment

On September 12, 2012, Visual Studio 2012 was released to the public and Microsoft of course had a very nice release event. As I couldn’t attend in person (it’s a 14 hour flight from where I live to Seattle) I as many others watched the live-stream from During the last 6 months I’ve had […]

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