Xamarin and REST APIs

Posted by Filip Ekberg on April 11 2014 Leave a Comment

I was invited to the Brisbane C# Mobile Developers by Glenn, a tutor I met during my first Xamarin University course. He’s a great tutor and the Xamarin University lectures are of really high quality, if you can I’d really advice you to join the program! In this talk I go into, in short, what […]

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Cross-platform development using C# and Xamarin Studio Australia Tour

Posted by Filip Ekberg on April 4 2014 1 Comment

Are you keen to learn more about Cross-platform development using C# and Xamarin Studio? I have had a lot of interest in my Xamarin Introduction video, which was released in March, and I am very happy to announce that I will be doing a Xamarin tour in Australia! These events are organized and hosted by […]

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Xamarin Introduction

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 26 2014 3 Comments

Do you struggle with cross-platform development? Should we just use html and JavaScript? Should we write once for every platform? Enough with that. Come along and get an introduction to Xamarin’s unique approach on how to solve the headaches of cross-platform development. This talk was performed at the Sydney Mobile Development Meetup Group. You can […]

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Displaying a loading indicator for UIWebView using UIActivityIndicatorView

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 1 2010 8 Comments

More and more apps today uses only the native application as a shell around their web-based application to get their app into App Store. A drawback with doing this is that you might get really annoying load times and you have to decide where to put the “wait for the data”-scene. In my opinion you […]

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A work around to the memory leaks in NSXMLParser

Posted by Filip Ekberg on November 30 2010 7 Comments

Lately I’ve experimenting a bit with parsing XML in Objective-C and discovered something that I’d like to share with you all. First of all, consider the following “standard” way of downloading an XML and parsing it NSXMLParser *parser = [[NSXMLParser alloc]             initWithContentsOfURL: [NSURL             […]

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