2012 was an amazing year, here’s a summary!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on January 8 2013 1 Comment

Saying that a lot happened in 2012 is probably an understatement. At least both on this blog and in my personal life, a bunch of amazing things have happened. I really hope that your previous year was good and let’s hope for an even better 2013. To start this year off I want to summarize […]

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A summary of 2011 and a look at what is about to come

Posted by Filip Ekberg on January 5 2012 5 Comments

Happy 2012 folks! I hope you all had a wonderful new years eve! The year 2011 has been very interesting, we’ve had the opportunity to see some very exciting things that is about to reach the market. I’d like to summarize what I’ve been writing about in 2011 and breifly tell you guys what’s about […]

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Adding properties and methods to an ExpandoObject, dynamically!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on October 2 2011 4 Comments

Meanwhile I am planning and writing manuscript and code samples for my upcoming video series that will cover “Programming fundamentals using C#”, I thought it was time for a short post on some dynamic programming in C#! Another thing worth mentioning is that I will be using Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview, if you haven’t […]

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WPF vs WinForms – Which is easier to learn?

Posted by Filip Ekberg on July 10 2011 3 Comments

This question originates from StackOverflow, but as I see there are a lot of beginners that ask this question, I wanted to share the answer on my blog as well. So, WPF vs WinForms – Which is easier to learn? Neither and Both, easy is very subjective and depends on your background. First of all, I […]

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Over-engineering trivial tasks can be challenging and educating

Posted by Filip Ekberg on June 1 2011 2 Comments

It’s been almost six months since my last blog post here, it’s not like I don’t have anything to write, but the time I have over at the end of the day just doesn’t end up so that I have time to write here. I’ll try to get some more time to write here since […]

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Use Test Driven Development to verify that the code will Always work!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on April 23 2010 Leave a Comment

After attending Scandinavian Developer Conference in Sweden 2010 and attending the talk from Roy Osherove ( http://osherove.com/ ) Test Driven Development ( TDD ) has been something that I have tried to focus a bit more on. Roy talks about some really important aspects of programming that should be printed into the programmers brain. I […]

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Using Parallel Extensions in LINQ

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 25 2010 1 Comment

Once again, there was a little mistake in the last post I posted here which clearly didn’t effect the result that much. But it is still worth mentioning again. The ^ was not meant to be XOR, I was clearly thinking of Math.Pow. In the last post I didn’t spend to much time talking about […]

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Using the Parallel Extensions in .NET 4.0 with C#

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 24 2010 Leave a Comment

As .NET 4.0 will be released in a couple of weeks and the RC has been out for a while. It’s about time that I write something about the new helpful features of .NET 4.0. One of these helpful things are the Parallel Extensions and Parallel helpers that allowes you to do parallel programming. Parallel […]

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