Test Automation for Web Applications

Posted by Filip Ekberg on January 30 2014 1 Comment

If you’re a web developer, I am sure you can relate to the feeling where you over and over again start up your web application, navigate to the local instance and try the same feature over and over again where you just thought you had fixed all the bugs. I’m sorry to tell you this, […]

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Friday with Filip – Joining new projects

Posted by Filip Ekberg on October 5 2012 1 Comment

Welcome to this week’s Friday with Filip! The last three Fridays we’ve looked at how to become more productive, how to increase security in your web applications and how to adapt to a real testing strategy. This week I want to talk about how I get deep into the new projects that I join, fast. […]

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Let’s write better software

Posted by Filip Ekberg on September 27 2012 3 Comments

Bugs are an expectation instead of an exception Technology have been a big part of my life ever since I was a kid. If it wasn’t a console it was a computer and later came the mobile phone. All these things running on electricity have always interested me. My first mobile phone was a Nokia […]

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Getting started with a Mocking Framework

Posted by Filip Ekberg on January 30 2012 4 Comments

In previous articles we’ve looked at how to increase code quality by either introducing test drive development for new features or using inversion of control. There are of course many other aspects that come into play when you want to reach high-quality code and this article is going to introduce you to mocking that will […]

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