2013 was an amazing year, here’s a summary!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on January 1 2014 2 Comments

Another year has gone by and it’s the third yearly summary that I’m writing, hopefully not the last one! I began the previous one that I wrote in the end of 2012 by stating that “Saying that a lot happened in 2012 is probably an understatement.”, I’d like to start this summary similarly. However it […]

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Challenge yourself and be awesome

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 6 2013 9 Comments

Just about an hour ago I came back from my first ever run where I didn’t stop to walk even once and ran longer than I’ve ever done before. Even if the time nor the distance is important to someone that is an experienced runner, but to me this is a huge deal.About 3 minutes […]

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Would you attend my online training?

Posted by Filip Ekberg on September 15 2012 Leave a Comment

I really enjoy sharing my experience and knowledge with others and I’ve been considering creating more screencasts. But as an alternative to screencasts, I am considering doing online-training with something like GoToTraining instead. This will allow higher quality, interactive sessions and much more. Therefore, I would like to see if there’s any interest in something […]

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Don’t miss me coding on stage for 2 days at Webbdagarna!

Posted by Filip Ekberg on March 17 2012 2 Comments

There’s a Swedish event in Stockholm 22-23 March called Webbdagarna (translation: web days). The focus of the event is to talk about e-commerce, social media, mobile development and much more. It’s not so much programming focus, in fact the only coding part of the event is what me and my colleuge will do. The idea […]

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Communication issues when adapting outsourcing

Posted by Filip Ekberg on December 14 2008 Leave a Comment

Background of Outsourcing A first view Let’s assume that you run a company, no matter if the company is big or small. Just imagine having to build a project where you know that your current staff either doesn’t have the right knowledge to solve this problem or the number of staff members is not sufficient. […]

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